My major teachings in life have been of  ‘Life’s Experiences’ and the gifts that this gives me. It has sometimes been challenging for me to stay attuned to the dynamic of my energies of ‘sensitivity’ and ‘strength’ - and I have had to learn - from the inside out - how to create this balance. This learning has, and still is, a guiding post for me to embody the word  ‘Balance’ - and live from this place in my daily life - and in my teachings.

I love movement - Movement through improvisational dance has allowed my body to open freely - releasing and inspiring me on so, so many occasions. From this place of inspiration - I moved from Montreal to Vancouver with my amazing son and spent l4 years in the mode of ‘one parenting’  and personal growth. Shortly after this, I played out a gypsy life-style for l5 years in Maui, Hawaii moving around frequently and  living very much in the moment. 

I have also travelled extensively through out England, Scotland, Europe, Israel and Egypt doing what is called ‘Grid Work’ for the planet. These trips proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life - enabling me to peek into apart of the bigger picture and purpose of my life’s work. At present, I am currently residing in Vancouver and excitedly look forward to more adventures.

Throughout all this - it has been important for me to keep moving forward with my hearts whispers - even when the whispers sometimes sound a little scary. Heart in its fullness quite often leads me down a variety of paths and the lessons learned are always invaluable.  

In conclusion, I must say - there is this continued ‘longing’ that I often carry deep inside myself - for within these outwardly visible timeframes of places I have been - situations I have experienced - and people I have deeply encountered; there is a world I know in the realm of Heart & Soul - that eagerly anticipates the connecting of dots - and I eagerly wish to share this journey of connection with you. 


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