These words speak to my soul, they prod deep into the truth of who I really am. Without love, we have nothing - literally nothing, for everything else is simply an illusion and will eventually disappear. 
Love remains, it is ........

                       “The Glue that Holds Everything Together.”

I perceive my world as a school where life’s lessons are learned, or not; a place where I play things out, so to speak, and yet knowing this; How many times, as I walk down the street, or ride my bike, or share with a friend, do I forget my true purpose for ‘BEING’ here? Each day becomes a constant reminder to keep remembering what is “REAL.’ The trees, the flowers, the sky, the stars, the air, the breath, the smile, the tear, the giggle, the silence - these things and many more are tangible within my Heartspace......

                                      “ This feeds me, 
                                                 This ignites me,
                                                        This soothes me.”

Life is actually quite simple and I endeavour to live from this place of simplicity. At this point in my life, I am realizing just how much we are all intricately accountable for our creations and so, to the best of my abilities, I choose to take responsibility for my experiences and perceptions. I also, to the best of my abilities, choose to consciously transform my life’s lessons and move forward. This brings many challenges my way and I often lose my balance - Never the less, I know in........

                                            “My Heart of Hearts,”
                                                    There is no other way,
                                                            Absolutely -  no other way.

The love I know embraces all the pieces of life - 
It does not condone all the pieces - 
It embraces them.
And this love, ‘Holds the Space Open’
For all the pieces to somehow magically come together,
Creating an amazing ‘Heart Puzzle.’

I am an Artist of Love, 
A Dancer of Play,
And I welcome you to join me,
In my world -  

From my Heart ........

A Toltec is an artist of Love

An artist of the Spirit,

Someone who is creating,

Every moment, every second,

The most beautiful art -

“The Art of Dreaming.”

Life is nothing but a Dream,

And if we are artists,

Then we can create our life
with Love,

And our dream becomes

A masterpiece of Art.


written by Miguel Ruiz



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