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Kundalini Yoga is an impactful one hour class beginning with a series of powerful breathing exercises. This awakens the body - stimulating ones energy by deeply inhaling oxygen - (lifeforce energy) - and exhaling carbon dioxide, (toxins) on the out breath.  

These breathing exercises sets the tone for the following kriya, (a series
of specific exercises) which target certain areas of the body. The body movements are focused and deliberate and each exercise posture is fully integrated before another begins.  

This class is designed to create an active yet centred sense of well being. A short relaxation period follows the exercises allowing one to integrate the session and expand into deeper awareness. This is followed by a short meditation bringing the class to an end.

What is Kundalini Yoga

I am sometimes asked what is it that makes Kundalini Yoga so different from other yogas. 
In the words of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini
Yoga, “Kundalini Yoga is the science of changing
and strengthening your radiance to give you an expanded life and greater capacity. Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. This is to be awakened; your soul is to be awakened; when the soul gets awakened; what else remains?”

Kundalini Yoga literally works on ones core energy, creating greater
stamina and resilience in withstanding everyday challenges;  With the
conscious awareness of breath and bodily exercises, (called kryias), one
learns to develop a relationship with their body, mind and soul. This takes everything to the next step and increases ones awareness in general. Kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous system, the organs in our body, helps aid digestion and elimination, and much much more. It also, most importantly, strengthens our magnetic field. This alone aids in our ability to withstand a torrent of daily unforeseen disturbances.

I highly recommend this gem of a practice. Simple, profound and precise - right to the core - this practice becomes an important tool for dramatic life changes. Kundalini Yoga is there for anyone intending to make these changes and supports these changes along one’s journey in life.


It is often extremely challenging beginning a new habit or starting a new way of “Being” in our day to day life pattern. This package series supports one to begin and set the course for a major shift  in energy, and once started  - “to stay on course.” I nurture, support, coach and hold the space open for those willing to make these healthy changes. I have developed these series of classes geared to those who yearn to “Begin Again.”

- Package series: (consists of 4 sessions) -

This is for those wanting a more personal, focused and fulfilling connection with the healing work. Each session contains valuable techniques supporting the continual practice of specific exercises and modalities for creating body awareness and wellness. Each package is specifically designed and geared to the individual’s needs and enables one to feel energized and motivated, creating new habits and patterns in one’s life. With the use of breath, yoga and other exercises, one begins to make profound and lasting changes in their lives.

The “Heart Circles” have their foundation based on the ancient Indian
ritual called the “Talking Stick.” When these indigenous people were in
disagreement, and a resolution was required -  a circle was formed and the sacred stick was passed around. Whomever held the stick was permitted to share at that time. As the baton went around the circle, each and everyone had the opportunity to speak from their heart and voice their feelings. The stick would go around many times until the energy of the circle became still. In this facilitated process there was no cross-talk and eventually, just by sharing in this unique way, a greater understanding of each and everyone was “Felt” by the group, thereby creating a much deeper and heartfelt understanding of the original unresolved problem.

We live in a world of the referred intellect, acknowledging the belief that the more ‘information’ we obtain, the wiser we are. All of this is taken for granted as a way of life and a way for problem solving;  when in fact, just the mere’ presence’ of sitting together and sharing one’s feelings and ideas - and listening with ones hearts - allows us to experience a completely new and expansive dynamic. From this still and respectful space, we begin to hear and trust something different - And from this still and respectful place - answers begin to appear.    

This is a physical space blessed by our intention to make it “Sacred.”
The space is clear, vital, peaceful and balanced. It contains beauty and
harmony and the instant one enters - a kindness and lovingness is felt.
Everyone, especially in this day and age, requires such a space. It does not have to be very large, even the smallest corner in another room can suffice - it is the quality of energy, the care given, and the soulful longing, that transforms the simplest of places. When created, one may feel renewed and centered by spending time meditating, sitting, reading, or just plain daydreaming.

I love to create “Sacred Space.” and I offer you my insights.